My First Selfie 1986

My First Selfie 1986

I am WAJDI JAMOUSSI born and grown in Tunisia but trained in Dubai and Morocco both as a performing artist and a photographer.

My interest in photography started early in my life. I followed my father around as he documented our family's life and I was fascinated with the camera, the box that could capture and hold onto scenes of our life.

Music competed with art in my life and in 1991 I started music school and began playing at events and engagements.

Eventually my love for art and photography resurfaced and I went back to school, training as a web and graphic designer – and learning product photography.

After Graduation. I worked both as a graphic designer/photographer and a musician. The success of this almost over-full life led me to move to Dubai where I worked in music - live shows with popular stars and studio recording work.

In 2010, I moved to Morocco to play at a popular nightclub and it was there, after building contacts in the local arts community that I began concentrating on photography, opening Jamoussi Arts Studios.

Although I concentrated on studio still work, I was drawn into directing and filming music videos for the same clients

Now, my goal is, as it was then, to create with each new job, a work of art, to capture personal memories, to show the beauty and the personality of a subject.
I believe that photography has no limitation and, perhaps by breaking the rules that constrain others we, the client and I, can get to an image with another higher level and dimension. 

I look forward to each new client, to each new artistic challenge.

I invite you to contact me to talk about your business, professional or personal photographic and design needs.